New Projects!

Happy to announce the completion of a couple really awesome projects and the start to some new equally awesome ones!  I just sent off two records to be mastered, full-lengths by Hanging Hills and Isadora.  I produced, recorded and mixed these albums front to back, and I couldn’t be more excited for their release.  Stay tuned for updates on those, but scope the advance single I did for the Hanging Hills record below:

I recently started working on an EP with singer-songwriter Sasha Klare-Ayvazian and producer/multi-instrumentalist Kush Mody. It’s super eclectic and influenced heavily by the new Beck record. I’ll also be doing some mix work for Kush’s upcoming solo record.

Sasha and Kush

This May I’ll also be producing and recording a record by Aaron ‘n Brooke, a singer-songwriter duo from Brooklyn NY. Catching a very vintage, organic vibe from these guys that I’m excited to get to tape … shooting for She and Him meets Grizzly Bear meets something weirder. Though I have most of May booked up at this point, there’s still some time open at the studio in June, so get at me! Here’s to warmer weather!