Holy Mackerel, 2014!

I’m putting the finishing touches on the new record from New London garage/punk trio Straight to VHS. It’s sounding ballsy, big, and ruthless. This album doesn’t let up– 12 tracks of high-energy rocket sauce.

Over the next few months things at the studio are blasting off into the stratosphere. I’m excited to welcome The Rooks back to the studio to record and mix a new single. From what I’ve heard of the pre-production demos, the track shows what these guys are up to next, combining indie rock sensibilities and dank soul music into something entirely their own.

In addition, I’m producing, engineering, and mixing full-length records by two other incredible bands. The first is a group from Mansfield, CT called Hanging Hills. They’ve mastered a great vibe and write a mean song– something akin to Fleet Foxes meets the Walkmen meets Band of Horses.

The second is an excellent band from Brooklyn, NY called Isadora. These guys are consummate musicians and songwriters, putting out what they call “morbid pop,” or rock-with-intrigue characteristic of Radiohead. It’s immaculately constructed, mind-blowing rock music, and I can’t wait to get my mitts on it this winter.

As if all that weren’t enough, Shake the Baron is working on a new EP, having just parted ways with our label. The direction is much more aggressive than our previous records, and we’ll be entirely self-producing this one. Brothertiger is also coordinating the production of a new EP– stay tuned for updates!