SHAZAM! Spring Edition

Holy moly what a Spring/Summer coming up! In addition to thawing my frozen bones, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing musicians recently. Get psyched for Spring and Summer releases that I’m finishing up from Hanging Hills, Orders, Wise Old Moon, Creature From Dell Pond, Sloof, Petting Zoo, and Mother Moses to name a few.

I’ve been tracking out of two absolutely beautiful studios out here in Western MA and mixing out of my newly revamped home studio. Northfire Recording is located in Amherst, MA and boasts an absolutely beautiful 1970s era Neve 5316 console. Rotary Records is in West Springfield, MA and has some of the best acoustics I’ve ever heard and a fantastic collection of new and vintage amps and instruments.

Northfire control room

Northfire control room

Drop me a line for more info– I couldn’t be happier with the sounds I’ve been getting out here in Western MA!


Kush Mody Releases Creature Comforts

I’ve been working with producer and multi-instrumentalist Kush Mody on his solo debut, entitled Creature Comforts and a Collection of Songs. I mixed the album, which features artists including Nigel Hall, Anderson .Paak, and George Watsky. Stream the track “New Days” and watch the video for “Freight Train” below. The album is out on Steel Wool Media, and you can pick it up on iTunes here.

Location Switch!

I’m excited to report that I’ve relocated to Western Massachusetts (my hometown hood) where I’ll continue to produce and engineer new music. I’m renting a beautiful house on the CT river outside Northampton, where I plan to host and work with as many new artists as possible! I’ll continue to work out of Fortune Recording Studio in New London CT, but I’ll also be booking sessions in Western MA at some beautiful facilities in this neck of the woods (more on that soon!). Drop me a line to set up a new project, I’m currently scheduling for the fall and beyond.

I’m finishing work on not one, not two, but three new full-length records this summer that I’m excited to announce soon! Not least of which is the debut record from Kush Mody; scope the second single from the record below, featuring George Watsky:

Hanging Hills Release Album, Announce Tour and Daytrotter Session

I’ve been working for a while with CT-based band Hanging Hills on their debut full-length. The results have been really exciting– these guys are great players, great songwriters, and hard workers. They’re releasing the record on June 10th, you can order it here. They’ve also announced a summer tour, which includes a Daytrotter Session in IL on June 24th. Full list of tour dates and two tracks from their record streaming below.

HH Tour Dates

New Projects!

Happy to announce the completion of a couple really awesome projects and the start to some new equally awesome ones!  I just sent off two records to be mastered, full-lengths by Hanging Hills and Isadora.  I produced, recorded and mixed these albums front to back, and I couldn’t be more excited for their release.  Stay tuned for updates on those, but scope the advance single I did for the Hanging Hills record below:

I recently started working on an EP with singer-songwriter Sasha Klare-Ayvazian and producer/multi-instrumentalist Kush Mody. It’s super eclectic and influenced heavily by the new Beck record. I’ll also be doing some mix work for Kush’s upcoming solo record.

Sasha and Kush

This May I’ll also be producing and recording a record by Aaron ‘n Brooke, a singer-songwriter duo from Brooklyn NY. Catching a very vintage, organic vibe from these guys that I’m excited to get to tape … shooting for She and Him meets Grizzly Bear meets something weirder. Though I have most of May booked up at this point, there’s still some time open at the studio in June, so get at me! Here’s to warmer weather!

Brothertiger In-Studios

I had a great time on tour with Brothertiger this month– SXSW was a lot of fun, as always. We did two live performances in two fantastic studios over the course of the tour; first at Dollhouse Productions in Savannah, GA during the Savannah Stopover Festival and secondly at Blue Rock Studio in Austin, TX during SXSW.

Check out both these spots (let’s do a record at either place? Call me), they’re incredibly beautiful studios run by the nicest people you ever met in your life. Can’t wait to get back on tour and see more awesome parts of the country! Enjoy.

Hanging Hills Release Single

I’ve been working for the last few months with CT-based band Hanging Hills on their debut full-length record The Great Divide, due out this spring. They recently released the first single from the album, “Things I Long to Be.” Stream below, and watch a live acoustic performance of “Island,” another cut off the new record.